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OMG when are MALT and Connor gonna kiss?? Waiting for it...
Hey WTF! I've been to the Thumble Rumble 6 times and have loved every single one! My first one was back in 2007 when Ricky The Rocket threw up all over Thumb Reaper! Best. Match. Ever.

Just stopping by to say hello and that this year will be my 7th year!
Double D's are hot AF. Hit me up ladies!


Chris B
El Luchador rocks! I saw him once at a Chili's resturaunt and he took a picture with me and my friend! Really cool guy! El Luchador FTW!
Can you PLEASE come do a tournament in my city soon? I love the WTF and wnat to compete!

Nico Ratale
I bet Mr. Vemom and Molt kiss each others thumbs goodnight.
Hi WTF! I love you guyz and my sister and I are hoping to come to the thumble rumble this year! Can we plz get some free tickets? haha lol. Just kidding! Unless we can then I'm not. hahaha.
John T.
Mr. Venom is a big idiot and I bet he sticks that big thumb up his butt and loves it

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